Eduardo the Samurai Toaster

Battle wave after wave of enemies in this stylish side-scrolling run n' gun action game for one to four players.

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is a 2D sidescrolling run 'n gun action game featuring frenetic combat spread across 13 diverse landscapes. Up to four players can fight alongside each other to defeat their foes or just to annoy each other.

  • drop-in co-op for 1-4 players
  • 13 unique levels
  • incredible funness
  • choose your difficulty
  • insane action that will give you tears of joy. no longer will your tears taste like sad.
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What people are saying about Eduardo:

  • "800 Nintendo points is right as replay value is high since playing by yourself and with friends changes the flow considerably. I've finished it four times and look forward to another round."

    Jose Antonio Garcia Lopez

  • "Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is a FANTASTIC game that brings back the fun of Contra with toasters, jetpacks, and segways! Get this game!"

    Trey Tatum, Chicago, Illinois

  • "Playing Eduardo the Samurai Toaster made me feel young again and gave me a reason to skip work! I love it!"

    Nick Wichman, Chicago, Illinois

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The Eduardo Soundtrack

Download the game soundtrack for FREE!

You’ll get all 9 songs straight from the game as well as 7 unreleased b-side songs!


Eduardo Wallpapers

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